About payment
1. Once we have received full payment, we will begin production.
2. After receiving the payment, we will send you the invoice through official mail.

About Style and Color
1. Please try to choose from the styles we have launched. If the style cannot meet your needs and you require advanced customization, there may be a charge for customization.
2. Please try to choose from the colors we have already launched and mix and match. If the color requirement is a specific color, we can also make it, but please have psychological expectations, as the environment, lighting and other conditions are different, there will be color difference.
3. You can choose any fin style, but there will be a cost for each pair of fins.
4. All tails cannot be viewed and modified during the production process. After the production is completed according to the design, if they need to be modified and redone, they will be charged.

About the production time
1. After receiving full payment, the production will be completed and sent out within one month (except for special products or activities, additional instructions will be given).
2. It can be expedited by paying the expedited fee, and it can be completed and sent out as soon as 3 days.

About Express
1. We support global delivery and send from China.
2. The express fee is not included by default, and the user is required to bear the cost.
3. By default, we use SF International for express, which is expected to take about a week around the world. If you need to arrange your own delivery service, please inform us before delivery.



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